Eddy’s Magic is a company that is run by a magician named Eddie. This website has a product page where it lists out all the products and instructions through a video player. Also, there is an event dialog box where it lists out when Eddy’s Magic have an exhibition. The target of audience will be customers that like magic tricks because it has all the essential tools to perform.



Layout Effect

The outlook of the Eddy’s Magic wants to create a magical effect and stage presence. The theme of the website gives customers an idea that they could perform like professional magicians. On the bottom left hand corner of the website, it is an event calendar where Eddy will perform and the time.



Shopping Cart

This website enables clients to purchase the products online. On the product section, there will be a video player where it demonstrates how the product should be used. Also, one of the function of shopping cart is it enable to enlarge the products so customers can have a clear view of the product.





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