Opportunities for Students

In 2012, Hong Chi Association approached ONNO to design their logo and leaflets for their new department/branch, HC Enterprise. This program allows students in Hong Chi to develop technical skills and create valuable working opportunities for students in our community.



Logo Diversification

Behind every logo, a meaningful message must be conveyed. Taking the original Hong Chi logo into consideration for our logo design, we have come up with two main styles – one that is more graphics-orientated that appears to be more visually appealing while the other display more of a European style using texture to differentiate between their five types of services. Both designs give the brand a simple yet professional look.




The key element behind these leaflets uses the different textures of Burlap (Hessian) cloth to differentiate between the five services as well as to create an earthy natural tone. To make easy for readers to directly access a specific leaflet, we have designed menu tabs at the top of each leaflet.




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