Objects You Obsess

OYO creates phone and laptop accessories such as speakers, phone & laptop cases etc. Their target audience is people who use laptops and Apple’s products. OYO creates new products every year so they ask ONNO to help them take a set of pictures for their new products. ONNO and OYO are companies in partnership, while ONNO are responsible for OYO web site design, packaging, and product photography.



Packaging based on the shape of the products

The pictures above are OYO featured products in the current year. We designed the packaging based on the shape of the products. For one of the products, BALLO, in order to showcase the product in every angle, we needed to design the package in a rectangular shape. Since OYO is a stylish brand, we needed to make sure the edges of the packaging would not affect the outlook of the product.



Product Photography

Besides designing the packaging, we did product photography for OYO as well. Our photographer wants to showcase the different angles of each product. Since most of the packaging is in green color, using a white background will be able to bring out OYO’s logo color effect. Also, photo-shoot with different angles is able to bring out the lifestyle of the OYO products.




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