Stylish Products

PRAXIS is a company that wants to create an idea that products can be useful and unique at the same time. Their products' inspiration comes from designers all over Europe hence the design will never be duplicated. The products are so creative that each product has a specific name not to be mistaken. The target audience is people who use stationeries such as pens and folder holders in every office.



The menu has the function to scroll down to any section of the website. When you look at certain products, you can just click it from the menu and it will enter to another page automatically. This menu will appear on all the pages so customers don’t have to go back to the home page and look at the products.



Shopping Cart

This website enables customers to purchase the products directly. Every time you clicked on each items, it lists all the detail products that you have purchased and will confirmed with you. One of the advantages of using shopping cart is it enable to enlarge the products so customers can have a clear view of the product.



PRAXIS in-house designers are from all over Europe, which means there are all different kinds of design to choose from. The designer description page will give customers confidence on praxis products because it provides background information about each designer.




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